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Real Support for Real People 

Real Life Assistants is a registered NDIS provider that provides support to NDIS participants in the Illawarra and South Coast Regions. Our primary purpose is helping people receive the support or employment opportunities they need to live their best life.

Support Coordination

Support coordination, specialist support coordination and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Mentoring/Peer Mentoring

Helping people of all ages work to achieve their goals, also includes mentoring from other people with disabilities in similar situations

Everyday Life Skills

Improving day-to-day skills such as cooking, cleaning and social interaction

Social and Community

Navigating the community one to one and participating in group activities

Customised Employment

Finding Work that fits in with your goals

Join our Supported Work placement Program; designed to assist you with finding your skills and strengths on the pathway to Mainstream Employment.
Can utilise SLES funding.


Assisting people to access the NDIS

Real Life Social Enterprises

A range of social businesses, both on and offsite, including car wash, home maintenance, removals/tip runs, plus more, that employ people with disability under supported employment. These businesses service participants and the public.

Allied Health

  • Social Work
  • Exercise physiology
  • Physiotherapy